Deadpool & Wolverine Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool & Wolverine

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Twisters Twisters


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Joker Folie a Deux Joker Folie a Deux

Joker Folie a Deux

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Inside Out 2 Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2

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Despicable Me 4 Despicable Me 4

Despicable Me 4

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Wicked Wicked


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The Wild Robot The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

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Theater Rental FAQ`s

Can we see a movie?

Yes, but specific first run films are subject to availability. Their length of run time at our theaters varies.

Is the movie cost included?

No, as part of our licensing agreement with the studios, we owe them money for every person who sees their film in our theater. Therefore, the auditorium charges aremeant to cover staffing, projection and loss of revenue from a general public viewing.

Do I get a group discount for the movie admission?

We will attempt to give you the best price possible within our contract guidelines. That might entail matinee or student pricing. However, deep discounting of first run studio films is not allowed.

Can we bring in an older movie?

Yes, but 35 millimeter prints of older films require a lot of lead time to obtain. They usually rent for between $250 and $350, plus $50-$75 in shipping fees. They are a great way to tailor your event, but can get expensive.

Well, why do groups do this all the time?

Because it is a wildly popular event and builds camaraderie and morale. Simply put, everyone loves movies and they appreciate your sponsoring a fun event.

How do I get more specific information?

Please complete the Inquiry Form on the Contact Us page as fully as possible and we will return an email with more details.